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Personal Attention to Your Needs and Rights

Pelletier Law Offices, LLC was founded on the belief that all citizens should have access to the highest quality legal representation at reasonable prices. As a proud member of the Massachusetts Bar Association and Worcester County Bar Association, Ms. Pelletier began her career assisting indigent clients by becoming a bar advocate in the Dudley District Court.

You can learn more about Attorney Pelletier on our Attorney Profile page.

Professional Representation Proven in Difficult Cases

We represent clients from all walks of life who require legal defense that ensures their rights are defended vigorously. Our attention to detail and knowledge of the court systems help our clients receive favorable judgements and minimized charges.

We deliver results in a broad range of criminal defense matters, including drunken driving (OUI/DUI), assault and battery, murder charges, drug crimes, and asset forfeiture among others.

Review our section on Phases of a District Case and our Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about the legal process.


Your Next Step in the Right Direction

Everyone deserves the chance to live life to the fullest and enjoy the pleasures of freedom and contact with their loved ones.

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